Get a suffix appended after your IGN whenever you chat! If you buy more than one, you can pick which one you want and change it whenever you want.

/suffix shows which suffixes you have and will allow you to select a suffix to display on all servers, or disble your suffix entirely

Suffixes displayed here are available for purchase all year round

All classic suffixes

AntiPope Suffix

Chairman Suffix

Chancellor Suffix

Conqueror Suffix

Cowboy suffix

Dictator Suffix

Duchess Suffix

Duke Suffix

E-Girl Suffix

Egg Suffix

Emperor Suffix

Explorer Suffix

Gambler Suffix

General Suffix

Invader Suffix

Island Monkey Suffix

King Suffix

Pog Suffix

Pope Suffix

President Suffix

Prime Minister Suffi

Queen Suffix

SeaCow Suffix

Simp Suffix

Soldier Suffix

Supreme Leader Suffi

Vibe Suffix

Viking Suffix

Void Suffix

War Criminal Suffix