Get a custom join and leave message whenever you log on or off the game! If you buy more than one, you can pick which one you want and change it whenever you want.

/logmessage shows which messages you have purchased, and also allows you to select another message, or remove your custom message entirely

Among Us Message

Anyway Message

Atmosphere Message

Backwards Message

Boogie Message

Bounced Message

Brought the W Messag

Brr Message

Carry Message

Classic Message

Flew Message

Fun Message

Grass Message

Grindset Message

Hamilton Message

Lag Message

Leaving? Message

Left the building Me

Phased Message

Pog Message

Pounced Message

Pokemon Message

Rocket Message

Sailor Message

Simp Message

Sinned Message

SMPEarth Message

Speedrunner Message

Swung Message

Surf Message

Wowzers Message